RENEW builds support in America and Vietnam to:

Remove and destroy unexploded bombs remaining from the American-Vietnam War,

Teach children to avoid contact with cluster bombs and other dangerous explosives,

Assist the innocent victims today of a war fought long ago, and

Build a strong U.S. constituency.

RENEW's 20 Years
of Impact

To make the most bombed place on earth safe again.

Since the war’s end in 1975, wartime bombs have killed or injured over 105,000 people in Vietnam; a third of them were children.

Since 2001, RENEW and its NGO partners have produced real results for Quang Tri:

750,000 explosive items destroyed
But that’s less than half of what is estimated to remain.

21 million square meters of land cleared
We prioritize known battlefields. Recent floods revealed more UXO.

9,785 emergency calls answered
We expect calls for emergency help to increase.

166,141 children educated about dangers of UXO
Every year a new group of children counts on us.

Data from Quang Tri Mine Action Center as of 3Q 2021

But, the job to eliminate the threat of wartime bombs is far from done.
Only with your help can we make Vietnam safe.

RENEW fields Vietnam's only all-women bomb clearance team.

Help RENEW launch a new all-women emergency response team.
You can donate here.

Your generosity has enabled us to launch this team in October, BUT we still need help to reach our goal of $150,000 to keep it in the field for the next two years [while we arrange permanent funding]. Your contribution will be matched up to $75,000 thanks to a few generous donors

You can put them to work saving lives. Read why we need this team.

You can help advance
RENEW's Mission

We can put to good use your financial support, your time, and connections. We just need you to say YES.

RENEW is a unique mine action organization addressing all aspects of the legacies of war:

explosives survey and clearance

mine risk education

mine victim assistance

in a coordinated program of action, a model that exists, so far, only in the most bombed place on earth, Quang Tri Province.

RENEW is made up of two independent parts. Project RENEW, which carries out all of RENEW's mine action and humanitarian work in Vietnam, and Friends of Project RENEW, Inc.

Friends of Project RENEW, Inc. is an independent U.S. 501(c)(3) charitable organization that works closely with Project RENEW to advance its mission.

You are using the website of Friends of Project RENEW. More information may be found at About Us. You may also visit the Project RENEW website in Vietnam.

We partner with individuals, NGOs, governments and corporations to advance our mission.

A comprehensive list of RENEW's partner relationships can be found in the Partners and Donors section.