Victim Assistance for Amputees and the Blind

Injuries inflicted by cluster bombs and other explosive ordnance (EO) remain one of the most prevalent legacies of war in Quang Tri.  It is estimated that 2,000 people have been injured since 1975, often including loss of limbs or eyesight.  RENEW’s victim assistance effort has helped over 750 families affected by EO accidents improve their living conditions through income support such as livestock raising, production of incense sticks and other programs.   Renew provides micro credit loans to help families buy a cow or water buffalo which provides income from rental to other farmers and the sale of offspring.  RENEW also supports 135 blind people at six vocational centers with training and equipment to enable higher incomes by making products such as brooms and incense sticks for sale. 

RENEW has provided more than 2,000 amputees with artificial limbs and new assistive devices such as wheelchairs to restore mobility.   A production facility for artificial limbs at Quang Tri Province’s general hospital has been opened with newly trained staff.  RENEW’s mobile outreach team continues to travel to more remote villages to provide new or refurbished artificial limbs and has expanded its coverage to more districts in the neighboring province of Quang Binh.   

With support from other NGOs, RENEW has trained more than 2,300 doctors, nurses, emergency technicians and village health workers in life saving skills and treatment of traumatic injuries. 

RENEW is also working with local disabled persons organizations to better represent the rights and benefits of the disabled and at the grassroots level to improve awareness and understanding of rights of the disabled under law. This outreach has resulted in over 2,600 people with disabilities and public officials being made aware of rights under the national Law of Disabilities.