Our Partners and Donors


We rely on a diverse array of committed individual investors who share our humanitarian values and shared sense of responsibility. Our supporters from around the world bring a depth of experiences in public service, business, and activism, and recognize the value of mitigating the legacy of war not only in Vietnam, but all around the world.


We have extensive experience working with governments including the United States, Norway, Ireland and Japan. We are organized to facilitate government grants and contracts. The support RENEW receives from government agencies is critical to our efforts to make Vietnam safe.


For 20 years, private philanthropic foundations have formed a key part of our support in Vietnam. Our foundation partners are not just donors, but serve as invaluable substantive partners in defining challenges, building responses, and executing on solutions.


The most innovative corporations actively help to shape a secure and prosperous environment for their business. Many corporations also have a human-to-human responsibility in ending the legacy of war. We engage relevant industries across our work, offering them a seat at the table and leveraging their know-how. Industry must be a major force multiplier for RENEW’s objectives.

RENEW has enjoyed strong and enduring relationships with a wide variety of supporters over our twenty years. Below is a comprehensive list of our past and present partners and donors. We need your help to expand this list in the months and years to come.