Vietnamese engineers have successfully removed the US bomb discovered in downtown Hanoi

Posted on December 1, 2020 View all News

The Vietnamese engineer force successfully disabled and successfully removed a hundred kilogram bomb in Hanoi on the night of November 29.

The bomb, believed to date from the war between Vietnam and the US, was discovered with two detonators still intact at a construction site in Hanoi, causing thousands of people to evacuate.

According to domestic media, construction workers discovered a bomb weighing about 340kg with a diameter of 40cm and a length of 125cm when constructing to a depth of about 6 m compared to the pavement surface at construction site 15 Cua Bac street today. / 11.

According to Dan Tri, the bomb was discovered in the area opposite the police headquarters of Truc Bach ward, Ba Dinh district. Zing News quoted a resident of Cua Bac street, 100 meters from the scene, as saying “the area where explosives were discovered is the Yen Phu power plant, which was bombed during the war”.

As noted by Lao Dong, the two fuses on the bomb were still intact, so the danger level was greatly assessed.

The area 500 meters in radius from the site of the bomb was blocked by the authorities and people within a radius of 200 meters have been relocated to ensure safety, according to Zing News.

Chairman of the People’s Committee of Truc Bach Ward, Nguyen Dan Huy, was quoted by Moi Bao as saying that more than 1,400 households with a total of 4,500 inhabitants of the ward had been evacuated to serve the removal of this bomb.

Around midnight on November 29, the bomb was successfully disassembled by the engineering force . According to Channel 14, Chairman of Ba Binh District, Ta Nam Chien, said the bomb was brought to the shooting range in Luc Ngan district of Bac Giang province on November 30 and successfully destroyed it.

In June, a “remnant” war bomb was discovered in Hanoi by “the US Air Force to the North”. According to Tuoi Tre, bombs were people fishing on the Red River to detect and then successfully salvaged.

War-era mines and ERW are still occasionally discovered in many places near Vietnamese settlements after more than 40 years since the war with the US ended. Last month, people in Quang Tri discovered a 227 kg bomb in an area of ​​the coast that suffered from landslides after floods, about 100 meters from residential areas. The bomb was later safely destroyed by the Project RENEW / NPA mobile mine action teams – funded by Norway, the US and the UK -. According to Thanh Nien, Ha Tinh at the end of October and the beginning of this month safely destroyed two bombs left from the war.

Vietnam is one of the most polluted and affected by landmines and ERW in the world.

According to Dan Tri, an estimated 800,000 tons of bombs and ammunition left over after the war, with a total contaminated and suspected pollution area of ​​about 6.1 million hectares.

The US government has been assisting Vietnam in clearing unexploded ordnance for many years. According to Dan Tri, since 1993, the US has provided more than $ 119 million in assistance to its bomb removal and unexploded ordnance efforts in Vietnam. Last year, the US Congress approved $ 15 million for this program.