The Loving Work Foundation Serves Quang Tri Communities

Posted on March 19, 2024 View all News

The Loving Work Foundation (LWF) wrapped up their week-long community service project in Quang Tri Province last Friday. Led by founder Trish Thompson, the group said their goodbyes after witnessing the important work of a clearance team from NPA/RENEW in Phong Binh Commune, Gio Linh District. This team is dedicated to cleaning up contaminated sites.

Earlier in the week, the LWF team reconnected with a family in Cam Nghia Commune, Cam Lo District. Ms. Le Thi Mit and Mr. Tran Huu Loc have children with severe disabilities caused by Agent Orange, and the LWF had previously provided them with support to improve their lives.

This trip wasn’t all about visits. The LWF members also got involved in some hands-on work! They volunteered in Cam Thuy Commune, Cam Lo District, by helping to renovate the house of Ms. Le Thi Thi, a UXO survivor. Tragedy struck Ms. Thi in 1972 when she lost her three children in a bomb raid. After the war, she sustained leg injuries while reclaiming land for farming. Now, she lives with her 42-year-old daughter and two granddaughters.

The LWF also had a good time interacting with the administration board of Gio Hai School near Cua Viet Beach. Through Project RENEW, the LWF announced that they would sponsor the improvement of the toilet facilities to help create a more positive and healthy environment for the kids at the school.

Since 2013,  the Loving Work Foundation has partnered with Project RENEW to conduct several community service projects in Quang Tri Province. Founded as a means to inspire personal interest in the cultural vibrancy, the spiritual practices, and every day lives of the people of Viet Nam, the Loving Work Foundation improves the lives of children and families in Viet Nam through community partnerships, service-oriented mindfulness retreats, and a commitment to global community building and peace work.