RENEW/NPA Completes Non-Technical Survey in All Accessible Villages in Quang Tri

Posted on April 15, 2022 View all News

Vợ chồng ông Hồ Tiền được nhân viên khảo sát phi kỹ thuật Nguyễn Thị Thùy Linh phỏng vấn trên rẫy sắn của gia đình ở thôn Long An, xã Tân Long.

The members of our non-technical survey (NTS) team on 8 April 2022 reached an important milestone when they visited the last assessable villages in Huong Hoa District. This marks the completion of NTS by RENEW/NPA in all accessible villages (to date) in Quang Tri Province.

In Long An village of Tan Long commune, one of the last areas RENEW/NPA conducted NTS, local people were asked if they knew of any explosive ordnance in their village. Mr. Ho Tien and his wife, an ethnic Bru Van Kieu couple who grow cassava in Long An village, confirmed with the team members that they had encountered wartime munitions while farming. “It is such a relief to know that our land will be surveyed and cleared so that local farmers will have safe land to farm,” said 20-year-old Ho Tien.

The NTS team members pose for a group photo in one of the last areas where NPA/RENEW conducted NTS in Huong Hoa District.

NTS is an important first step in any survey process, as it allows community members to share their knowledge of explosive ordnance with RENEW/NPA teams. This local information is crucial in helping RENEW/NPA to identify all areas with confirmed contamination from explosive ordnance. Now that NTS is completed in all areas where RENEW/NPA is able to operate, all the NTS personnel have started training to learn technical survey, so they can join their colleagues in following up on the information learned during NTS. 

The NTS personnel are on the site for technical survey training after they completed their work in the last accessible villages of Quang Tri Province.

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