Quang Tri UXO Breakthrough: Buried Cache Neutralized, Bringing Safe Future to 882

Posted on January 11, 2024 View all News

Clearance team leader Le Thi Thu Ha records an inventory of the munitions unearthed from the buried cache.

Gio Linh, Quang Tri (10 January 2023)– NPA/RENEW clearance teams on Wednesday located an unexploded ordnance cache while clearing a contaminated area in Gio My Commune, Gio Linh District, Quang Tri Province.

A total of 80 munitions, including grenades, mortars, and projectiles were found at a depth of 50cm. The clearance team leader, Ms. Le Thi Thu Ha coordinated with NPA/RENEW Explosive Ordnance Disposal team to safely destroy all high explosive munitions in place and transported other items that could be moved to NPA/RENEW central demolition site for safe disposal.

A total of 80 grenades, mortars, and projectiles were uncovered from the buried cache.

Since November 2023, NPA/RENEW has deployed four teams to clear this contaminated area of 480,000 square meters in An My Village. The teams plan to accomplish this task by mid-January 2024. This will result in more land for expanding crops and livestock, bringing hope and security to 882 villagers including 234 women, 258 men, 186 girls, and 185 boys.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the governments of the United States of America and Norway for continuing support of this critical work. Together, we are making Quang Tri safe from the impact of explosive ordnance.