North-South Trains Urgently Halted Because Bomb Found Close to Railway

Posted on June 4, 2021 View all News

According to Dan Tri, in the afternoon of June 04, North-South express trains through Quang Binh Province had to be suspended urgently and blocked after the construction unit found a bomb just one meter from the rail line.Vietnam Railways Corporation released the above information and the blockage section is between Kim Lu and Dong Le in Quang Binh Province.

At least two North-South passenger trains and many freight ones have had to temporarily stop running through Quang Binh rail section.

In the early hours of June 04 afternoon, while constructing a railway project, a construction unit found a deeply buried bomb. Its location was just about one meter from the rail line.

Construction activities were immediately halted afterward. The construction unit sent an emergency notice to the railway authorities for suspending coming trains. They also reported their discovery to local responsible agencies for dealing with the bomb so that the railway could be reopened.

This incident has caused a traffic jam on the North-South railway. Currently, two Reunification passenger trains SE7 and SE8 stop to wait for the railway to be clear at Kim Lu and Dong Le stations. Many freight trains have stopped at their corresponding stations along the rail.

Vietnam Railways Corporation said that they were considering hiring vans to transport stranded passengers in SE7 and SE8 trains out of the area in case the bomb hadn’t been resolved.

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