American Veterans and Songwriter Interact with Children in Dong Ha

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Dong Ha, Quang Tri Province (7 March 2023) – Many young boys and girls of different ages, the chilren of Project RENEW/NPA staff members and others in Dong Ha who are passionate about music and history, had a lot of fun when they met a group of American visitors at the Mine Action Visitor Center on Sunday morning.

Ron Carver, Friends of Project RENEW’s Advisory Council member, introduces his group members to the kids. Photo: Nguyen A.

Led by Ron Carver, member of Friends of Project RENEW’s Advisory Council, the group visited Quang Tri Province as part of their Vietnam tour for the launching of the Vietnamese edition of the book ‘Waging Peace in Vietnam: U.S. Soldiers and Veterans Who Opposed the War’ in Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi. Other members included Ronald Haeberle, whose photographs of the My Lai Massacre turned American public opinion against the war, John Kent, former US Navy pilot who refused to fly his fighter jet to bomb Vietnam, and Lilo Gonzalez, singer and songwriter who has touched the lives of many people with his fun yet thoughtful music.

Prior to exchanging with the American group, children and their parents attended a session facilitated by Ho Van Lai, survivor of a cluster bomb accident at age 10, member of Project RENEW’s Explosive Ordnance Risk Education program funded by Irish Aid since 2015, on how to behave safely when encountering unexploded ordnance (UXO).

Ho Van Lai, who lost two legs and one arm and one eye due to a UXO accident at age 10, instructs youngsters on how to be safe from explosive ordnance. Photo: Hien Ngo.

Musician Lilo Gonzalez later stirred the kids and everybody at the Mine Action Visitor Center with his guitar and exciting songs. Lilo sang his songs in English and Spanish and with the help of the chilren in English.

Musician Lilo Gonzalez invites two young girls to help play other instruments when he is playing the guitar and singing his songs. Photo: Hien Ngo.

Many youngsters took the chance to talk with and communicate with these four special guests from the United States in English.

U.S. Navy pilot John Kent, who refused to fly his jet fighter to drop bombs in Vietnam, talks with youngsters who love speaking English. Photo: Hien Ngo.

On behalf of the group, Ron Carver thanked Project RENEW for organizing this special gathering on a Sunday and gave a copy of the Vietnamese edition of the book ‘Waging Peace In Vietnam’ to the Mine Action Visitor Center.

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